Soin de guérison chamanique


This energetic healing removes the filters and blockages that prevent us from accessing our natural psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clear-audience, clear-sentience, clear-knowing, channeling or healing.

Just like we have physical senses, we have spiritual senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). And the same way that our brain controls our regular senses, our third eye is responsible for our non-physical senses and our psychic abilities.

The number one reason why we block or limit our psychic abilities is fear: because of events that happened in our past or in past lives, we are afraid of letting them function naturally and we unconsciously close them.

What are the common reasons that make us block our psychic gifts?

  • We were told as children that what we see, sense or hear is just in our head - it's not real

  • We were told we are cursed, demonic, crazy, etc...

  • We were afraid of things we were seeing (ghosts, energies, demons, etc...)

  • We heard or saw things that made us feel unsafe

  • We were killed because of our psychic or healing gifts in a past life

  • We'd rather be like anyone else so we dismiss our spiritual powers


This healing can support you to:

  • Open up and expand in a safe way your psychic gifts such as seeing auras, healing or channeling Light beings

  • Enhance your connection with your higher guidance, spirit guides, angels or ascended masters

  • Improve your intuition skills

  • Heal the fears and traumas that block your psychic abilities

  • Heal imprints and wounds from this lifetime or past lives

  • Reconnect the circuits which allow your third eye and pineal gland to access your spiritual senses

  • Build up trust and confidence that it's safe for you to access and to use your gifts, and also that what you perceive is real


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