Clients share their experience

Stephanie Bean
Boston, MA USA

Greg is one of the best healers I have known. I trusted him the moment I met him online. He is genuine, compassionate, honest, dedicated, attentive, open minded, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. I am amazed at the difference his healing sessions have made in my life. For years I have done talk therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, and float tanks. Greg's healing sessions were on another level. Through the healing sessions I was finally able to release the pain of the past with Love. My heart is now wide open, and I have never felt so free. 

Lionela Torriero
Laguna Beach ,CA USA

I met Greg when I was looking for some answers in life. The article I found on his website and later the work we did together distantly via Zoom helped me to understand what imbalances were present in my energetic and physical bodies and how to rid of them. With love, deep caring, and clear guidance Greg helped me to make some very important decisions in my life through somatic coaching and energy work he did which was very powerful. I could definitely feel it even we were thousands miles apart. Greg is a gifted healer that can help you to find peace, open your heart, and transform your life. I strongly recommend his service. If somebody asked me to describe his work in one word I would say "our sessions were magic". 
Thank you infinitely, Greg!

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