Do you feel the call to realign with yourself?

Although being under lockdown for weeks or months isn't pleasant, it also has a positive effect because it allows us to turn our attention inwards. It changes the way we perceive our life, our relationships, our values, and the meaning of happiness.

As you may have started to redefine your priorities and the way you intend to live your life, these days are a great opportunity to establish solid new foundations and become more aligned with your authentic Self.

There may be patterns, situations, or blockages in your life which you have identified and you don't know exactly how to let go of. You may feel it's the right time to make changes inside you and yet you need that trigger to make the step forward that will make the difference.

My name is Greg Boudy. I am a shaman of the Curanderos lineage from Mexico and I'd like to offer you a free 15 minute consultation via Zoom.

Leave your details and Greg will get back to you to schedule your free Zoom meeting.

This short meeting is an opportunity for you to get insights and clarity from an experienced shaman about where you're currently standing and which direction you'd like to give to your life.

During the meeting you will receive insights about yourself and answers to questions you may have about shamanic healing and how it works.

Then if you feel the call you can decide for yourself to book a healing session or start an in-depth process. During each healing session I hold a safe space and transmit powerful energies for your own growth and transformation.

About Greg Boudy

Greg is an energetic healer with natural healing abilities, which he developed and strengthened through practice and in-depth studies with master shamans all over the world. He was initiated to shamanic techniques that were kept secret until recently and have been passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years in the lineage of the Curanderos - a tribe of master healers from Mexico whose roots are the Ancient Mayan civilization.
Greg works with a wide range of powerful shamanic techniques and treatments to help people release their blockages, transmute their wounds into Light and power, and to experience their lives authentically as their true Self.


Clients share their experience

Catherine Levi

Melbourne, Australia

Greg is an amazing and powerful healer! I saw him regularly during a tough period of growth and I always noticed the shifts after our session. He would also bring through powerful and helpful messages during the session. He is definitely good value, and I highly recommend his services! 

Marnina Harow
Tel Aviv, Israel

I was highly skeptical at first of the 'healing' concept, yet traditional therapy wasn't helping and I was open to exploring whether a more spiritual approach would. [...} Greg has changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine. [...} My mind and emotions have been healing and I see concrete proof of this in my day to day life, how present I am, how much better my life and my relationships are. I leave every session feeling more whole, alive and at peace. [...} I absolutely recommend you go see him. Your happiness and quality of life are worth it.

Leave your details and Greg will get back to you to schedule your free Zoom meeting.

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