Soin de guérison chamanique


This treatment is for women who went through traumatic events in their life where their femininity was abused physically, sexually or emotionally.

When such traumatic events happen, they leave blockages and energetic imprints, especially on the root and sacral chakras, and more particularly on the genitals and the reproductive system. As a result, patterns in relationships - and more specifically intimate relationships - usually appear in your life and it's difficult for you to feel safe or to be fully present with a partner when it comes to emotional or physical closeness. You may feel in those moments that it's not easy to stay in your body and to feel you are truly there. This is happening because of those situations in your past where others crossed your boundaries and intruded your intimate space: our natural reaction is to dissociate from our body so that we won't feel pain if the same situation comes to happen again in the future.

Until we "meet" the pain and the blockages that are stored in the body, we will keep creating the same patterns in our life (we keep attracting the same type of partners and situations) and we won't feel safe when it comes to intimacy and closeness. Your feminine power was deeply wounded and yet it craves for your attention and it wants to be healed.


This energetic treatment addresses those wounds by bringing healing to the first and second chakras and to the blockages that are stored in the body in the genitals (womb, uterus, cervix, ovaries, vagina).It is also great to balance and regulate the women's menstruation cycle and sex hormones,  and to heal fertility and pregnancy issues.