Séance de guérison énergétique

Powerful shamanic healing techniques of the lineage of the Curanderos from Mexico. Any issue can be addressed with these modalities: the wide variety of those techniques allow the possibility to work on a vast spectrum of aspects in human life at the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels.
Below you will find detailed information about some of the specific treatments.

Reconnexion du coeur

Many of us at some point in our lives choose to disconnect from our heart as a way to protect ourselves from pain and suffering. The disconnection may happen early in childhood (even as little babies) when we experience deep traumas or painful events - typically, emotional or physical abuse from one of our parents, sexual abuse, or during any event that makes us feel unsafe and insecure.

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Nettoyage énergétique haute fréquence

Clearing out of entities and limiting energies blocking us in our lives and creating energy leeches. Throughout our lives , we may be "hosting" foreign energies that don't belong to us and feed from the life force of our energy field and body. These forces sit in our auric field and suck our vital energy...

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Coupage de cordes énergétiques

Healing technique used to break free from unhealthy cords that are invisible and attach us to certain people, behaviors, patterns, ways of thinking, places, objects, etc... These energetic cords are like chains that prevent us from moving forward in our lives, sometimes we may even be completely stuck because of them...

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Psychic gifts opening

This energetic healing removes the filters and blockages that prevent us from accessing our natural psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clear-audience, clear-sentience, clear-knowing, channeling or healing.

Just like we have physical senses, we have spiritual senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste).

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Guérison du pouvoir féminin

This treatment is for women who went through traumatic events in their life where their femininity was abused physically, sexually or emotionally. When such traumatic events happen, they leave blockages and energetic imprints, especially on the root and sacral chakras, and more particularly on the genitals and the reproductive system. As a result, patterns in relationships - and more specifically intimate relationships - usually appear in your life...

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Balancing feminine and masculine energies

In today's world, the role of men and women is changing, and this is strongly affecting the individual balance of our masculine and feminine energies and the health of our intimate relationships.

In your body, the right side harnesses your male energy in your life, while the left side harnesses your feminine energy...

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Moi complet

This treatment is used to reconnect parts of yourself that were disconnected, which as a result may have brought symptoms in your life such as pain, confusion, loneliness, sadness, communication issues, mistrust, or a sense of being lost or not belonging to this world, to society, your community, or to your family.

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Souffle divin

The Breath of God is an ancient shamanic healing technique designed to make a big leap in the healing process of the individual. The Breath of God, as its name implies, brings direct energy from Source... to send a boost of concentrated energy from God... to bring new life inside you

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Soul matrix alignment

one-time healing session that works on your energy field and beyond on the spiritual plane to align you with your true nature and make you a happier person. It will put you on your path and in line with your soul calling and your life purpose.

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Traumatismes de l'enfance

This shamanic healing technique clears and releases patterns that we acquired during the early years of our childhood, from age 0 to 5. Those are the years that leave the most significant mark for the rest of our life...
The events that happened, the unpleasant and traumatic experiences, have left deep wounds in our lives and impacted our belief system...

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(Retro-healing (past life healing

Healing modality where you revisit one of your past lives that is significantly affecting you today. The purpose is not so much to experience a past life but rather to consciously bring healing (or tikkun) into that lifetime, which in turn reframes your perspective at the DNA level on your current life and brings profound transformation at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

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Soul retrieval

Healing technique for bringing back parts of your soul that have been lost during traumatic experiences, in this life and in previous lives. This healing technique will help you gain back parts of your soul, so you can be in your full light.

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   Grilles de lumière

Light Language is a shamanic healing modality that uses sacred geometry and color frequencies from the Higher Light. Light Language can create and fine tune precise energies for several aspects of life: your chakra system, your place or office, an object, or a situation.

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Vous trouverez ci-dessous les thèmes typiques avec lesquels les soins de guérison chamanique peuvent vous aider:
  • Estime de soi, confiance en soi

  • Amour de soi, acceptation de soi

  • Guérison émotionnelle (peur, colère, tristesse, culpabilité, honte, jalousie, haine, etc...)

  • Libération des blocages et des schémas émotionnels

  • Schémas de négativité, de déni et d'auto-sabotage

  • Ouverture du cœur

  • Connexion au cœur

  • Accepter et se libérer du passé

  • Soulagement de la tristesse

  • Soulagement du deuil: pour surmonter la perte d'un être cher

  • Guérison de la sexualité (traumatismes liés aux abus sexuels, problèmes d'organes sexuels, règles, grossesse, fertilité)

  • Guérison des troubles de l'alimentation: boulimie, anorexie et autres types

  • Équilibrage des chakras, alignement des chakras, guérison des chakras

  • Connexion à votre âme

  • Guérison des cicatrices (cicatrices physiques, émotionnelles, mentales et spirituelles)

  • Suppression des formes-pensées

  • Guérison et harmonisation du système nerveux, du système digestif (Morbus Crohn, kulitis, ...)

  • Guérison des fractures, des problèmes articulaires, de l'arthrite

  • Guérison des dépendances

  • Accompagnement pour la guérison des cancers

  • Accompagnement pour la guérison de la leucémie, du sida, d'Alzheimer, de Parkinson

  • Libération d'une quantité excessive d'eau stockée dans les cavités du corps (jambes gonflées, sinus, poumon)

  • Traitement de la fièvre, des inflammations, des toxines, des brûlures


Toutes les techniques de guérison chamaniques peuvent être reçues en personne et la plupart d'entre elles peuvent également être reçues en ligne via Zoom.

Pour toute question, n'hésitez pas à contacter Greg via ce formulaire de contact.

Vous n'êtes pas sur(e) que les soins chamaniques soient faits pour vous?


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